Why You Should Learn the Local Language When You Travel to a New Country


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Top 3 Malawi craft markets (in terms of selection and quality):

From its amazing hot pots to its own sweet soup dumplings to the noodles that are sweet, the meals in Shanghai is all about as varied as they emerge. You can discover it within this extraordinary food town. From the time that I left China, the tastes of Shanghai had blown away my taste buds several occasions. The quality of the food and the absolute number can’t be understated. Shanghai must be in your own bucket listing if you are a foodie. Reserve a visit to Shanghai now, to receive a taste of the city!



Visitors possess the opportunity to observe their behavior will learn in sector and road begging, feed them , and bathe them. All profits from admission go towards feeding the elephants (each one absorbs nearly 100 pounds of fresh produce each day!) And upkeep of the playground. This is a trip to carry with your family or a bunch of friends. After witnessing their characters and listening to their tales, people will come away with memories, and a newfound respect for those species and photographs. For details and deals about day visits to the playground, click HERE.


Exclusive Miami Dolphins VIP Experience at Hard Rock Stadium — Dolphins VS Redskins | Miami, Florida

Ava Boutique Hotel

Pig Island and the Maldives are both at the top of my bucketlist!

Stop by Szentendre’s City

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa is perhaps one of the most thrilling experiences one can have while traveling. A primal fear exists in all of us that would initially cause us to reject the notion of getting in the water with some of the ocean’s top predators, Great White Sharks. The truth is that there are many misconceptions about these animals, and shark cage diving in South Africa is perfectly safe!

Have Your Fix in Boat Noodle Alley

We will have 2 full days of rest in Madrid before heading out to the small island nation of Malta. The Maltese Tourism Board has invited us to explore this charming, historical island for 8 full days. I will be visiting several attractions, beaches and restaurants throughout this trip. I am especially looking forward to spending Easter on the beautiful island of Gozo.

Most exotic place your career has taken you? 

Special thanks to Viking Cruises for encouraging me, and Ugg for Men for keeping my feet dry and warm.


Research the Local Scene

Do you have any favorite places/ recommendation in Darwin or the Northern Territory? Tell us about it! Leave a comment below.

1. Skip the Crowded Beaches

It is easy to understand why Petra was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Entering the city is like stepping back in time to simpler era, when Bedouin tribes freely roamed and traded goods. The city itself has a rich and storied history, from succumbing to Roman forces to being the site of the legendary battle led by T. E. Lawrence. A Byzantine church, one of the remnants of the Roman occupation, contains some incredible mosaics.


2. Zamburiñas (Scallops)

Inácio specializes in dishing up regional Minho cuisine in a rustic and authentic environment. This means massive portions of a lot of meats and starches. Be sure to ask to see the wine list as the cellar is always pleasingly stocked. (€16-€20 / daily except Tuesdays)

Land and Water Safaris through Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve

Gadgets on My Wish List

Greenland, Afghanistan, and Iceland are my most memorable destinations at the moment.

6. You might not be able to swim.

In this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet travel blogger Esmeralda Rodriguez from Tequila Kiss, a travel and lifestyle blog about Esmeralda’s wanderings throughout 50+ countries across the globe. Her goal is to show others that traveling on a conservative budget is possible, especially if you plan ahead. Meet Esmeralda and check out her Top 5 List for Hawaii and where she’s jet setting to next.


Mehmed Paša Sokolovi?Bridge — Visegrad

You’ll find? Evap?i?i, which can be a Bosnian meatball made from mincemeat that is traditionally shaped to an oblong shaped, sausage-like shape. But the? Evap?i?i at Kod Muje and at restaurants in Banja Luka is somewhat different; it’s shaped into a patty instead. It’s still delicious either way and makes for a more satisfying and inexpensive lunch. Enjoy your meal outside In case the weather is nice.


Additional Travel Information:

At 179 Marcus Aurelius assembled Castra Regina for the Legio III Italica’s Roman rectangular town and the city quickly became an increasingly important location at the Danube’s part.  This city is referred to as Altstadt or the Old City.

7) The Svalbard Islands

The time of year to see with Kaziranga National Park is November to April, when the days do become sweltering. The nighttime during these months may get a little cool. The park may also be seen in April to June, but keep in mind those months are lots warmer and may create exploring the park of a job.

Here are ten reasons to visit Hoi An, Vietnam

Besides flatbreads and curries, India is famous for its candy, which include Coconut Burfi, also a treat that is usually made throughout Navrati festivals, also the Holi, Diwali. This burfi contains freshly grated coconut and is traditionally made with sugar and milk, although there are dairy-free forms available.


The Ancient Roman City of Nikopolis ad Istrum in Bulgaria

Talk a Walk On Nguyen Hue Boulevard

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They say that your attitude determines your altitude – how high you can go in life. If you are always negative, it is hard to see any positivity around you. Take deliberate steps to start thinking positively, to tell yourself how great you are, and how much you can achieve. Change starts in the mind, so engage your mind to think positively. You will realize how much you have lost due to your attitude. Maybe having a life coach can do the trick for you as a professional life coach can help you understand what is right and what is not. In addition to that, your life coach can give you the motivation that you need the most.


Everything you can expect from the trip

Despite being a tenth of the size of Rhode Island, Malta is a pretty historic place. From the majestic Grandmaster’s Palace that now serves as the home of the office of the president of Malta to the underground shelter used in the Second World War, there’s a lot that’s happened that Malta has had a front-row seat to witness.

Where to Stay in Birmingham

Tip: A great way to score free public transport, free entry, skip-the-line entry, sightseeing bus tours and additional discounts is by getting a Barcelona Turbopass. The pass ships worldwide or is available for pick up at El Prat Airport or in Plaza Catalunya. The Barcelona Turbopass also includes a free harbor cruise, as well as free or discounted admission to several sights included in this guide: Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, CosmoCaixa Science Museum, and many more.

Short History of Curacao

Flight attendants and other frequent flyers swear by drinking two litres of water before, during, and after long flights as a way to keep both skin and body fully hydrated.


Here are ten reasons to visit Hoi An, Vietnam

Travel finances are always an interesting topic. Not everyone has the same opinion about how much money you should spend on your trip or how much you should save for it.

Rustic Treehouse in California’s Wine Country

I recently went on a Super Tasty BEER INFUSED FOOD and Craft Beer Tasting in Hollywood, Florida with my friends at Hollywood Brewery. The beer infused food and the craft beers are amazing!

Working Elephants’ Dark Side

Located in lower Manhattan, the Charging Bull statue on Wall Street has been a landmark since 1989. Most comprehensive city bus tours like TopView NYC Tours highlights this statue also known as the Bowling Green Bull. The Charging Bull statue serves as a symbol of the power of American optimism and of financial prosperity.


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Running parallel to a series of restaurants and bars on Kumbahce Bay is the pedestrian Old Town Bazaar. Stalls and shops sell everything from souvenirs to arts and crafts. Clothing and jewelry are also available for an affordable price. The sheer vastness of both the market’s size and products make it very easy to pass an entire afternoon wandering from stall to stall.

Staria Chinar, Varna

The Honganji sect was split, and also Higashi-dori Honganji Temple was built several blocks away from the first temple, which took the Original Vow’s Western Temple, and also the title Nishi Honganji. They are the two head temples of the Jodo Shinshu sect of Pure Land Buddhism. The Hall of Founder, or higashi-dori Honganji Temple’s Goei-do, is the largest building from the city, and a statue of Amida Buddha could be found at Amida Hall.

30 Inspiring Instagram Images of Swaziland

How can I see Uluru?

Lady Liberty has become an iconic figure of the United States of America. The Statue of Liberty was given as a gift from France as a symbol of friendship in the late 1800s, and today visitors from all over the world flock to Liberty Island where it rests. While many choose to take a boat tour to see Lady Liberty up close, the Staten Island Ferry is a free way to see the statue without any cost.


3. It’s Convenient

They say that your attitude determines your altitude – how high you can go in life. If you are always negative, it is hard to see any positivity around you. Take deliberate steps to start thinking positively, to tell yourself how great you are, and how much you can achieve. Change starts in the mind, so engage your mind to think positively. You will realize how much you have lost due to your attitude. Maybe having a life coach can do the trick for you as a professional life coach can help you understand what is right and what is not. In addition to that, your life coach can give you the motivation that you need the most.

Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of the above destinations, like a mini-guide or to-do list of sorts.

Because it is an island located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and a destination I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with. There so many things to visit there like Nicosia – with fortified stone walls dating back to the 1500 Venetian expansion and Green Line, a reminder of a devastating conflict in 1970s dividing Turkish in the north from Greeks in the south. There is also Blue Lagoon – where you will enjoy swimming, Mosaics of the Houses of Avion and Dionysus, Kurion and many other things!

Theopetra Prehistoric Cave

 Interior of the Ivanovo Church – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rozhen National Folklore Festival

The residency itself is located in ruin also is a favorite tourist attraction and monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. On the grounds, you’ll also discover museum; authorities offices; buildings ravaged by cannon fire; the tomb of Sadat Ali Khan, the initial Nawab of Awadh; a feast hall; the destroyed St. Mary’s Church and Cemetery; and much more.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

David’s Been Here is in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain, touring the beautiful city of Leon. Join David as he tours one of the city’s main sites, the Plaza Mayor. Built in 1665, this main square is loaded with history and beautiful architecture, and is only 2 blocks away from the Cathedral. With a fruit and vegetable market every Wednesday and Saturday and great lodging within the square itself (NH Plaza Mayor), a visit to this central Leon destination is simply a must. For more information on visiting or staying inside Leon’s Plaza Mayor, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Leon, now available for your Kindle as well.


Top 3 favorite cuisines are French, Spanish, and Bulgarian. The Bulgarian cuisine shares characteristics with other Balkan, Persian, Turkish, and Greek cuisines. If you ever visit a Bulgarian restaurant make sure you try the cold soup tarator, the filo dough based banitsa, meshana skara (a mix of grilled lamb, veal, chicken and pork), or the alcoholic drink rakia. Other popular dishes are the vegetarian stuffed peppers, cabbage leaf sarmi, moussaka, gyuvetch, kyufte, feta cheese, and baklava.


Other Equipment To Bring:

Have you been to Singapore? What are your favorite hawker centres/ local dishes? Leave us a comment below!


Score Bargains at the Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Trendy Tallinn: Exploring Estonia’s Coolest City


The soups come with diced chilies, sauce, bread, and rice. You can add hot soy sauce or saltwater and chilies, if you want your soups to get more of a burst of heat.  I could handle them, although I had been advised that they had been very hot!


Different destinations in Africa have varied climatic conditions. Don’t assume everywhere is sunny and neither should you assume that it is cold everywhere. Therefore, study the climatic conditions of your destination before embarking on the journey. Dressing can also be dictated by the people’s culture. Therefore, ensure that you quite well understand the dressing mannerisms of your chosen destination before travelling. In a Muslim country, for instance, you cannot wear miniskirts, revealing tops or even shorts. Beware of these cultures to avoid unnecessary attention.  This is very important for an enjoyable stay away in a far country. Contact a Myessaywriting  professional to help you learn more about what else you need to know in this area.

Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Watch our video: The Best Rock Climbing in the World: Kalymnos, Greece

Do a Food and Wine Tasting Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

After supper, we waited a little to head out to see the caimans, that come out around 8:30 p.m.. At 9 p.m., we headed out into the pitch dark. There was not any light pollution, so we could see the stars well! We headed to the boat at the dock and place spotlights.


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If you wish to climb the Christoffel mountain (350 meters/ 1,150 feet) you should arrive very early in the morning. In the top you may enjoy the best views of Curacao. The park opens at 7:30 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends. Since it can get hot in the afternoon you should begin your climb no later then 11. There are now eight hiking trails, a few are simple and many others are incredibly challenging! Don’t forget to bring a lot of walking and water shoes. If you do not want to increase you even go horseback riding or can have a jeep, mountain bike!

Travel insurance basics: What it does and why you need it

Basically, if you pay more, SubTrav takes care of more. Simple enough, right?