See Schönbrunn Palace

Feast on Malta’s Seafood in Marsaxlokk

To end our tour we headed to The Master Chef restaurant to try some Petha. This sweet is famous in Agra. It’s a translucent soft candy. usually rectangular or cylindrical, it is made from the ash gourd vegetable. It’s extremely hard and sweet! This is really everything you must see beyond the Taj Mahal. Most people only visit Agra for a day but I recommend you spend two nights to be able to see all the main sites and the Taj Mahal.

Travel by Street Car

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Travel by Street Car

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The ancient Romans took special interest in the Minho province and used the region as the administrative center for their province Gallaecia, which comprised various cities across the northwestern Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain and Portugal). The history of braga reads like that of many towns in the Iberian Peninsula. It was under Arab control during the 8th century prior to being seized in 1040 by Ferdinand I of León and Castile.

Watch the Reclining Buddha

“Tilt to the left! To the left!” our Croatian friend shouted from the front of the raft. We all did and for one second we thought we were safe and then…the raft toppled over and all five of us took a splash into the cold water, which came up to my shoulders.

Watch the Reclining Buddha

Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

Get a bird’s-eye view of Busan in Busan Tower, and then head down to Taejongdae Resort Park to have an fresh uncooked octopus meal. Further along in the park are all different points offering a number of the most views in all of South Korea and temples. They have been absolutely magnificent!

Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, or Lopburi?

Where to Eat and Drink

Exploring the sacred city of Anuradhapura is much like going to visit Mayan ruins in Guatemala or Roman ruins in Italy; you must be able to appreciate the accomplishments made by ancient societies through what is left of their infrastructure. Each site at Anuradhapura tells a story. It is evident how important religion was to this ancient society, and how pivotal the kingdom was in spreading Buddhism throughout Sri Lanka.

Where to Eat and Drink

Things to Do in Cornwall

Located on the border between Napa and Sonoma Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area is Pride Mountain Vineyards, which is technically located in Santa Rosa, California, and can be reached by driving west from St. Helena for roughly twenty minutes.

Things to Do in Cornwall

Explore the French Quarter

Take a visit to the Joseon-era Seomun Market to find a true sense for that which Daegu is all about. You will probably be the only Westerners there! Try out the buchu buchingae, which can be the doughnut-like hotteok, as well as favorites such as tteok-bokki odeng, as well as a leek pancake. This industry is just one of my favorite areas to visit in South Korea. To get a look at the musical background of Korea, check out Kim Kwang-Seok Street, which can be devoted to a few of the country’s most beloved pop celebrities.

See the Ruins of the Delphi in Greece (Athens Day Trip)

I try to keep it somewhere between 25-30% of the year, but of course that fluctuates greatly. I’m always happy to visit anyplace I haven’t been before, but there are also plenty of spots I love to revisit. Trips that are to remote and hard to reach places are always the most fun.

Photograph St. Jovan of Kaneo Monastery

Haemul pajeon, the dish, is a pancake that contains seafood and green onions. It starts a batter consisting of with water, wheat germ, and salt off. You make it by massaging the batter, letting it simmer, and adding oil to the pan. Top it with squid your own spring onion, and veggies, use some egg to bind it all together, and function it  once it gets brown and crispy!

Get a Southern Indian Breakfast at Eating Circles Restaurant

Visit Bangkok Noi Artisan Village

Bombay Duck isn’t the remedy from the ocean that it is possible to see at Mata Pita Da Dhaba around Madh Island. Another Indian road food dish that you have to try in Mumbai is.

Nyungwe Rainforest

It’s time for your bed Once you make your bracelet! The men and women sleep in separate rooms. You’ll be provided a mat and a pillow to sleep on the floor. It’s like a big sleepover! Lights out is at 9:30 p.m. I suggest attempting to sleep, since wake-up time is at 5 a.m.

Nyungwe Rainforest


The blossom incense also gives a more atmosphere that is transcendent to the temple. Its magnificent structures are Mahavira Hall, the great Devajara Hall, and the Jade Buddha Tower; many others will be the Kwan-yin Hall Dining, Tang Hall – Room, additionally Recumbent Buddha Hall. They sponsor antiquities that are attractive and collections.


Athens Neighborhoods

I love Italian food; I could eat pizza and pasta every day! Then I think perhaps food, I really like the soups especially. Then perhaps Sri Lankan, I love also the breakfast with the egg hoppers and string hoppers and also the curries there.

5. Easy Travel Arrangements

Does Vegas Vacation count? haha- I love Under The Tuscan Sun, and Eat Pray Love because of the depiction of Italy. Also Sideways because I just went to Napa for my first time this year… and The Beach makes me want to go to Thailand SO badly!

What is the XShot Pro?

Located where at the meeting place of the Danube and Sava Rivers in southeastern Europe is the capital and largest city in Serbia, Belgrade. There is a wide variety of things to do in Belgrade that may strike your fancy, and your itinerary of places to see and things to do can be adjusted depending on your personal interests, but if a full Belgrade experience is what you’re after, this is the travel guide for you.

What is the XShot Pro?

Sant Julià de Lòria

Lunch at the hotel is among the reasons that are amazing to visit with Isadou Island. The main dish is a fresh chicken that comes coated in a Asian-inspired marinade. There were bitter melon greens, that reminded me of a hot and soupy coleslaw.

Sant Julià de Lòria

3 Affordable Ways to Sample London’s Food Culture

What to See and Do

When you are ready to try out some Bengali food, then head to Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel for many amazing fish. Arsalan Restaurant delivers fish kebabs, and also you can not lose out on the stellar Kathi Roll in Nizams.

The Cartoon Museum

David’s Been Here is in Avila, Spain, touring the origins of the famous Yemas de Santa Teresa. A tradition in Avila for 150 years, take a look behind the scenes at this unique Spanish dessert as David heads into the kitchen to learn some background on the sweet treat.  From the fruits and other ingredients to baking and packing, learn all about what makes the Yemas de Santa Teresa pastries so popular. But most importantly, head to the origins of this Castilla y Leon treat at the Yemas de Santa Teresa shop in Avila, and get a taste of this Spanish delight first hand. For more information on visiting the shop, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Castilla y Leon, now available for your Kindle as well.

Bonus: Visit the Naschmarkt

Indeed, your audience is the first thing to consider here. However, it is no less important to think about yourself. Of course, you should not be a good dissertation writer or creative writer to produce valuable content, all you need is to have any passion for it. First and foremost, your blog must be devoted to something that interests you.


This list changes, however, in no specific order, I’d say Mexican, Vietnamese, and Indian.


SaunaTour Experience

It is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Germany today. The bratwurst of the city is world renowned and you will find breweries about every corner. You need to spend at least two complete days in Nuremberg to really get a sense of this city that is gorgeous. Listed below are the best things to see and do in Nuremberg!

Where was the first place you traveled to when you decided to leave the 9 to 5 lifestyle? What about it got you hooked on travel?

The Dark Side of Working Elephants

Croatia is the currently home to some of Europe’s most stunning beaches, and the most renowned is Zlatni Rat in Bra’s island? . This beach is well known!

The Dark Side of Working Elephants

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The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico and have become synonymous but in actuality there are ruins in El Salvador worth visiting. However, since El Salvador was not the center of the Mayan Empire, the destroys it holds get overlooked.

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Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Casa de Nora is available every day from 8 to 10:30 a.m., midday to 3 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m.. The kitchen closes at 10 p.m.

What are the benefits?

Laplae Durian Festival

I LOVE reading, so I’d say studying or listening to some fantastic book is a terrific way to kill time.

Laplae Durian Festival

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It is always good to set goals for saving and know what you have to spend money on. These are the costs that you have to cover:

Ensure readability of your posts

Dine on Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

The Entry to the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel can be Located north of Chenyi Square Around the Bund.The tunnel is situated under the river and then connects the 2 sides of Shanghai. Get into the rail car that is futuristic and get ready for a wild, 2-5 minute meaty ride. As the 646 yards to Pudong journey, images and an extravagant light show will about the tunnel walls, complete with music and sounds.

6. Pulpo (Octopus)

Look what all the other travelers are doing and do the opposite. Make it your own. That’s what’s beautiful about traveling, you can customize the experience to exactly what you love and make it an original experience that will live with you forever.

Check out

Why Visit East Serbia?

Recommendations: Fish of the day ~ Dishes €15 -25 ~ Open daily

Stay at the EAST Beijing

This underground tube was built to be utilized to flee the family in the palace during wartimes into the protection of Jiagarh Fort.

Stay at the EAST Beijing

Your top three favorite dishes?

In addition to publishing our own content, we have written articles for other blogs and print medias. Here are a few of our contributions:

Your top three favorite dishes?

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Today, you can admire the 14th century walls, wonderfully preserved and still functional. There are some places where the city walls reach the height of 25 meters, so you can only imagine the spectacular views that will unfold in front of your eyes. You can access the walls by the Pile Gate, St. John Fortress or Customs Gate. St. John Fortress houses the Aquarium and Maritime Museum.

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Other notable buildings include the Castellan’s House, the Secretarial Construction and Also the Finance Building.The castle grounds take 30-60 minutes approximately to view. Of all of the things that really is an absolute must!

5. Tell a story with your photo

The Rocca Paolina fortress is also worth a trip, because it has stood for five decades and provides a glimpse back into the times when the papacy dominated that city. You can’t overlook the Baci Perugina Factory, which enable you to see just the way that it makes a number of its amazing chocolates and flavor them, if you are a chocolate lover!

You are a former sportscaster. What was the transition from that to travel vlogger like, and how has being a journalist impacted your travels?

The 4.5- and 5-Star Yelp Reviews Speak For Themselves

Head until the station floor and do not lose out to the display that plays on the staircases of the station! There is no greater place than Kyoto Station if you wish to have a look at a marvel in the midst of thousands of years old and cultural heritage!

8) The Sognefjord Area

Climate: Rwanda experiences two rainy seasons and two dry seasons throughout the year. The longer rainy season lasts from March to May and usually brings persistent rains. The second, shorter rainy season lasts from October to November. The best time to visit Rwanda is right after the longer rainy season, from June to Mid-September. During this time the roads are considerably safer and you won’t get bogged down with heavy downpours.

8) The Sognefjord Area

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Highlights of the festival include tasting the nearly odor-free durians and attending a rowdy a contest in which contestants prepare a durian version of a Thai pounded salad – som tam – while dancing to a lively traditional band.  The cacophony and flying stone pestles feels dangerous enough without watching out for the wickedly thorny 10 lb fruits piled around.

Akagera National Park

David’s Been Here is in Pamplona for one of the most exciting and world famous activities in Spain: The Running of the Bulls. An annual event between July 7-14, this hectic, entertaining and dangerous tradition is one of those life experiences that you will never forget. Made even more popular in the writings of Ernest Hemingway, join David as he takes part in the Bull Running, just barely getting out unscathed. Enjoyed by both young and old, head to the entrance before 8 am any day during la Fiesta de San Fermin, and take part in this annual, historic event. Find out everything there is to know about Running with the Bulls in the David’s Been Here Guide to Pamplona, now available for your Kindle as well.

Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna, Austria

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All in all, there is a very good reason why Kesar de Dhaba is considered a legendary Amritsar eatery: its food is flat-out fantastic. Make a stop there, get comfortable, and prepare to have taste buds blown away!

Shop at the Silk Market

Located in the Khorezm Region of northwestern Uzbekistan is Khiva, an ancient city that initially arose in Muslim travel accounts around the 10th century. Its true origins date back to at least the 6th century, according to archaeological evidence, though the discovery of artifacts dating back nearly 2,500 years has sparked debates about how old the city actually is. Khiva served as the funding of an oasis place in the Amu Darya River delta called Khwarezmia. Khiva was likewise the capital of the Khanate of Khiva.


Over 6,000 Years of History

Castel Sant’Angelo is a museum that is one of the things to see and do in Rome. Visitors can find out about the background of this construction inside. The castle can be connected to St. Peter’s Basilica by means of a passageway called Passetto di Borgo.


You may not have considered teaching English abroad as a way to travel and make money, but it makes perfect sense if you’re considering taking a gap year between college and career, or if you’re just plain antsy at your job and want to expand your horizons out of the country.

Your most adventurous travel experience?

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Andorra La Vella

The Batu complex consists of 3 main caves, each dedicated to Hindu deities including Lord Murugan, the god of war. And Hanuman, devotee of Lord Rama believe to be an incarnation of Shiva.

2. Mkhaya Game Reserve

My suggestion would be to find someone you trust in order to get good directions and tips for whatever you want to do. You can also get a tuk-tuk to take you pretty much anywhere so you shouldn’t have a hard time visiting any area around Ella.

2. You’ll have to pay more.

This is considered to be the the white city of the Mayans and unlike most of the Mayan ruins most people visit, Zaculeo is located on the outskirts of the little-known city of Huehuetenango in western Guatemala, which is about a 1-hour drive from Mexico. The site dates back to the Classic period of the Mayans and is a must visit if you want to experience a different type of Mayan structure. It served as the capital of the Mam Kingdom from AD 250-600. The word Zaculeu means “white earth in Mam. What sets it apart is the the material the Mam used to construct their city- a white stone completely different than any other Mayan site. The site is no where as big as Tikal or Yaxha but it’s a beautiful place nonetheless.


Brief Intro to Malta

There are several hotels in Nis. We had a very positive experience staying at the Art Loft Hotel, which situated in the heart of Nis. Tucked away on a quiet street in a renovated 1930s mansion, the Art Loft Hotel isn’t very large, but has all the modern amenities you’ll need during your stay. Only a couple minutes from the city’s pedestrian zone and a five-minute walk from the Nis Fortress, this nine-room boutique hotel is unlike any other hotel in the city. Not only does the hotel showcase works from upcoming local Nis artists, but each of its rooms was individually designed and inspired under a local artists instruction.

Three of the Most Beautiful Castles in Sweden

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Your Grand Harbor tour will thrill you as you spot many of Valletta’s landmarks: Barakka Gardens, Siege Bell Memorial, Quarry Wharf, Fort St. Elmo and the Breakwater Bridge. You will feel as though you’ve traveled through time to an ancient, sun-bleached city that rose from the blue. The magical tour ends at the Valletta Waterfront, an area known for dining, shopping and leisure.

Photograph Al Dafna’s Skyscrapers

A sweet you can find on Delhi’s roads is a deep-fried dough that is formed in a circular layout, jalebi, topped with a sour glaze, and served with a thick, milky sauce. That is what makes it so good , although it fatty and loaded with sugar!



Some Websites include the Temple of Diana, the Silver Water Roman Aqueduct and the Spirit of Bones inside the Saint Francisco Church.The constructions of the city represent the era of Portugal, which began after the Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

Marvel at the Priceless Art at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

You meet a lot of people in my line of work, A LOT! Restaurant and hotel owners, tourism board staff, fellow travel vloggers, and the list goes on. Forty-four countries and 550+ cities have shown me that people have more in common than some of us may like to believe.

Ava Boutique Hotel

Tip: For certain countries, like all the “Stans” (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenista, etc.) I would suggest contacting independent tour operators. Many of these companies would love to have you join them on an expedition to promote their different packages.

To Nissaki

Languages spoken: English, Chichewa


Have Your Gear Ready

You can not get much better than the Downtown Oasis Guest House, if you’re traveling on a budget. This gigantic home and its grounds are home to four apartments, gazebo, four hotel-style bedrooms, some pool, and a turtle refuge that is small.  So you don’t need to travel far to get anywhere in town, located in the heart of downtown Paramaribo, the more complex is still centrally located and safe.


What to See and Do in Bitola, Macedonia

4. Baltimore, Maryland

The ML-I range has 4 different models within in, as well as its 60 Edition Anniversary model. The Hymermobil ML-I is even available as a 4×4. Equipped with an extensive standard safety package and electronics, it’s a light and manoeuvrable motorhome with up to 5 berths.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”
– Saint Augustine

Madrid Travel Information

Accommodations are available, though few outside of the watersports’ enthusiasts tend to extend their stay beyond a daytrip. Cafés and restaurants abound. However, those heading to Prasonissi should consider stopping over for lunch in one of the hillside villages, Katavia or Arnitha.


See the sights from a CocoTax

Akrotiri is a prehistoric Cycladic village and was most likely a Minoan colony. The village reached its end in 1500 BC due to a volcanic eruption and what’s left of it now are some beautiful wall paintings which are to be found in the National Archeology Museum in Athens, and structures similar to those found in Herculaneum, such as two and three-storey buildings, shops, workshops and public squares, vases and utensils. S

Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

David’s Been Here presents one of the best hotels in all of Marrakech, Morocco, the Sofitel Marrakech. This five star hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 bars, a giant pool, spa, and loads of other amenities. A luxurious stay with a traditional feel, there’s no other stay like this in all of Marrakech. Tour through David’s spacious personal suite, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining room and amazing views of the city below. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse


Try Coffee at Café Simon

David’s Been Here is in Sofia, Bulgaria touring around the sites, history and culture of the country. In this short video, David brings us to the Restaurant Motto where we get an introduction to the Bulgarian language. From the basics to some of the more important phrases to know, join David as he brushes up on his Bulgarian and gives us a real feel to the country. For more information on the language, culture and top sites of the country, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Bulgaria, coming soon for your Kindle as well.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

The Greek Islands are unblemished by tourism, have fine ports and easy access by ferry and plane. However, yacht chartering could be the best option to enjoy an exotic holiday in this area surrounded by gorgeous scenery and unfathomable water. Here are travelers tips for interested individuals.


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My guide said that in the southern areas of the nation, the folks today use J (jota) in each phrase and I will picture this as soon as I get there in 5 days.