Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna, Austria

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All in all, there is a very good reason why Kesar de Dhaba is considered a legendary Amritsar eatery: its food is flat-out fantastic. Make a stop there, get comfortable, and prepare to have taste buds blown away!

Shop at the Silk Market

Located in the Khorezm Region of northwestern Uzbekistan is Khiva, an ancient city that initially arose in Muslim travel accounts around the 10th century. Its true origins date back to at least the 6th century, according to archaeological evidence, though the discovery of artifacts dating back nearly 2,500 years has sparked debates about how old the city actually is. Khiva served as the funding of an oasis place in the Amu Darya River delta called Khwarezmia. Khiva was likewise the capital of the Khanate of Khiva.


Over 6,000 Years of History

Castel Sant’Angelo is a museum that is one of the things to see and do in Rome. Visitors can find out about the background of this construction inside. The castle can be connected to St. Peter’s Basilica by means of a passageway called Passetto di Borgo.


You may not have considered teaching English abroad as a way to travel and make money, but it makes perfect sense if you’re considering taking a gap year between college and career, or if you’re just plain antsy at your job and want to expand your horizons out of the country.

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If you’ve used the XShot, tell us about your experience with it. Leave us a comment below!


Andorra La Vella

The Batu complex consists of 3 main caves, each dedicated to Hindu deities including Lord Murugan, the god of war. And Hanuman, devotee of Lord Rama believe to be an incarnation of Shiva.

2. Mkhaya Game Reserve

My suggestion would be to find someone you trust in order to get good directions and tips for whatever you want to do. You can also get a tuk-tuk to take you pretty much anywhere so you shouldn’t have a hard time visiting any area around Ella.

2. You’ll have to pay more.

This is considered to be the the white city of the Mayans and unlike most of the Mayan ruins most people visit, Zaculeo is located on the outskirts of the little-known city of Huehuetenango in western Guatemala, which is about a 1-hour drive from Mexico. The site dates back to the Classic period of the Mayans and is a must visit if you want to experience a different type of Mayan structure. It served as the capital of the Mam Kingdom from AD 250-600. The word Zaculeu means “white earth in Mam. What sets it apart is the the material the Mam used to construct their city- a white stone completely different than any other Mayan site. The site is no where as big as Tikal or Yaxha but it’s a beautiful place nonetheless.


Brief Intro to Malta

There are several hotels in Nis. We had a very positive experience staying at the Art Loft Hotel, which situated in the heart of Nis. Tucked away on a quiet street in a renovated 1930s mansion, the Art Loft Hotel isn’t very large, but has all the modern amenities you’ll need during your stay. Only a couple minutes from the city’s pedestrian zone and a five-minute walk from the Nis Fortress, this nine-room boutique hotel is unlike any other hotel in the city. Not only does the hotel showcase works from upcoming local Nis artists, but each of its rooms was individually designed and inspired under a local artists instruction.

Three of the Most Beautiful Castles in Sweden

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Your Grand Harbor tour will thrill you as you spot many of Valletta’s landmarks: Barakka Gardens, Siege Bell Memorial, Quarry Wharf, Fort St. Elmo and the Breakwater Bridge. You will feel as though you’ve traveled through time to an ancient, sun-bleached city that rose from the blue. The magical tour ends at the Valletta Waterfront, an area known for dining, shopping and leisure.

Photograph Al Dafna’s Skyscrapers

A sweet you can find on Delhi’s roads is a deep-fried dough that is formed in a circular layout, jalebi, topped with a sour glaze, and served with a thick, milky sauce. That is what makes it so good , although it fatty and loaded with sugar!



Some Websites include the Temple of Diana, the Silver Water Roman Aqueduct and the Spirit of Bones inside the Saint Francisco Church.The constructions of the city represent the era of Portugal, which began after the Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

Marvel at the Priceless Art at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

You meet a lot of people in my line of work, A LOT! Restaurant and hotel owners, tourism board staff, fellow travel vloggers, and the list goes on. Forty-four countries and 550+ cities have shown me that people have more in common than some of us may like to believe.

Ava Boutique Hotel

Tip: For certain countries, like all the “Stans” (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenista, etc.) I would suggest contacting independent tour operators. Many of these companies would love to have you join them on an expedition to promote their different packages.

To Nissaki

Languages spoken: English, Chichewa


Have Your Gear Ready

You can not get much better than the Downtown Oasis Guest House, if you’re traveling on a budget. This gigantic home and its grounds are home to four apartments, gazebo, four hotel-style bedrooms, some pool, and a turtle refuge that is small.  So you don’t need to travel far to get anywhere in town, located in the heart of downtown Paramaribo, the more complex is still centrally located and safe.


Amazing Architecture: Touring the Colossal Cathedral of Burgos

Walk round the Chain Bridge

Recommendations: Stuffed roasted peppers, kebab, and mixed grill.

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My camera, a good pair of boots, plain white T-shirts, travel underwear.

Hiring a Guide to EBC

All roads lead to Asturica Augusta.Raio Street is the beginning point of what was once the Roman road that caused Asturica Augusta (modern-day Astorga, Spain).  It starts at the Arco da Porta Nova, and winds its way through the whole historical center, all the way. Along the way are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. Palácio do Raio, there is a mid-eighteenth century palace also situated do Raio. It is a civil construction designed by architects, André Soares and commissioned by a wealthy merchant.


Reims and the Champagne Cellars

Jessup Cellars focuses mostly on red blends, but also create an amazing Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Pretty much every grape that grows in the Napa Valley area is represented somewhere on their menu. Their 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, 2014 Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc-based blend called Table For Four, 100% Petite Syrah, and Infinite Recursion blend are all incredible, and I highly recommend them!

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Accommodations are available, though few outside of the watersports’ enthusiasts tend to extend their stay beyond a daytrip. Cafés and restaurants abound. However, those heading to Prasonissi should consider stopping over for lunch in one of the hillside villages, Katavia or Arnitha.


Accommodation in Lugaris

Porta do Sol is also home to the Galician Cultural Center; a dynamic complex located in Plaza Princesa that offers a broad range of artistic and literary exhibits. It features large galleries, an auditorium, three libraries containing priceless Galician texts and a prized museum collection of Galician art. Entrance must be pre-booked. The museum is open Monday through Friday (Tel: +34 986226459).

Admire Night & the Parliament Day

Veveri Castle is perched on rocks above the Brno Dam and Svratka River, guarding over the lands of Brno. The castle is surrounded by the Podkomorske Woods and many myths and legends. The first mention about the castle dates from the 1213 – 1222, when it seems King Premysl Otakar I used it as a prison for rebellious peers.

Enjoy Kauai

In today’s Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet Marissa Tejada of Travel Greece, Travel Europe. Learn how this New Yorker moved to Athens, Greece and started a life of travel. She writers for her blog as well as Fodor’s, CNN Travel, Lonely Planet, and various lifestyle and travel magazines. Meet Marissa Tejada and check out her Top 5 List for Crete and where she is headed to next!


These Things to Do in Ecuador Should Be on Your Bucket List!

Utah is a beautiful state, with amazing National Parks full of canyons and rock formations, to their mild winters and summers, no matter the season, Utah is a great vacation destination. Spend some time in Salt Lake with the awe-inspiring views of the temples, or head off into a more rustic location and spend a day exploring the slot canyons that dot their land.

Aguamar (A Coruña)

Do you wish to visit with Mexico City? This travel guide will help you to plan to your fantasy trip and when the day finally comes, to get round the city without a hitch. Remember to carry money for tips and for the reason that tourists are charged more than the natives. One more thing: don’t request leadership. Just use GPRS or better still, call your restaurant when lost.

What to See and Do in Bitola, Macedonia

4. Baltimore, Maryland

The ML-I range has 4 different models within in, as well as its 60 Edition Anniversary model. The Hymermobil ML-I is even available as a 4×4. Equipped with an extensive standard safety package and electronics, it’s a light and manoeuvrable motorhome with up to 5 berths.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”
– Saint Augustine

Madrid Travel Information

Accommodations are available, though few outside of the watersports’ enthusiasts tend to extend their stay beyond a daytrip. Cafés and restaurants abound. However, those heading to Prasonissi should consider stopping over for lunch in one of the hillside villages, Katavia or Arnitha.


See the sights from a CocoTax

Akrotiri is a prehistoric Cycladic village and was most likely a Minoan colony. The village reached its end in 1500 BC due to a volcanic eruption and what’s left of it now are some beautiful wall paintings which are to be found in the National Archeology Museum in Athens, and structures similar to those found in Herculaneum, such as two and three-storey buildings, shops, workshops and public squares, vases and utensils. S

Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

David’s Been Here presents one of the best hotels in all of Marrakech, Morocco, the Sofitel Marrakech. This five star hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 bars, a giant pool, spa, and loads of other amenities. A luxurious stay with a traditional feel, there’s no other stay like this in all of Marrakech. Tour through David’s spacious personal suite, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining room and amazing views of the city below. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse


Try Coffee at Café Simon

David’s Been Here is in Sofia, Bulgaria touring around the sites, history and culture of the country. In this short video, David brings us to the Restaurant Motto where we get an introduction to the Bulgarian language. From the basics to some of the more important phrases to know, join David as he brushes up on his Bulgarian and gives us a real feel to the country. For more information on the language, culture and top sites of the country, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Bulgaria, coming soon for your Kindle as well.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

The Greek Islands are unblemished by tourism, have fine ports and easy access by ferry and plane. However, yacht chartering could be the best option to enjoy an exotic holiday in this area surrounded by gorgeous scenery and unfathomable water. Here are travelers tips for interested individuals.


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My guide said that in the southern areas of the nation, the folks today use J (jota) in each phrase and I will picture this as soon as I get there in 5 days.


The Best Restaurants in Jaco, Costa Rica: Rolling and Eating at I Love Sushi

Have a Heuriger Dinner

Since these are people who are not getting massive flocks of tourists every year, they are going to be much more likely to give you individual attention and offer you better experiences. This will help give you a behind-the-scenes and more hands-on look at how life is in a new country.

Where is Cappadocia in Turkey?

Since then, ancient coins and pottery have been uncovered, as well as a complex containing an amphitheater and a theatre that dates back to the 2nd or 3rd century. If you look closely, you may be able to spot some paw prints in the ceramic stone that were left seven centuries ago. The amphitheatre is free to visit and is one of the city’s most fascinating attractions.


Getting Around Mumbai

Perhaps you have seen or would you consider seeing any of these cities in Eastern El Salvador? Leave us a comment below!

Eat Vienna Schnitzel at Figlmuller

Check out 10 Things You Have to Do in Jaipur, India

Traditional Foods for Holidays and Special Occasions

If you are looking for an enjoyable and interactive experience the whole family can enjoy, pay a visit to Cosmo Caixa Science Museum – an impressive ode to the sciences located in a converted factory. CosmoCaixa opened in 2005 and is an ultra modern design feat containing some of Europe’s best scientific exhibitions and hands-on activities. The museum is also home to indigenous Amazonian plant and animal life, which includes poisonous snakes and a five-story high Acariguara tree.

Theopetra Prehistoric Cave

The process went like this: We went to the sauna for so long as we can we cooled off for a bit. The herb master fanned steam onto my entire body with herbs and took me back in once I was ready. It got really hot really quickly. Whenever I couldn’t take it anymore, he escorted me outside into the freezing pond to cool down.


Greatest Shopping: Road to Coba

Many of the cars were gifts to the King from other royals like such as Queen Elizabeth of England. The museum was created by King Abdullah II to honor his late father and to commemorate his interest in cars. The museum is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Fridays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; closed on Tuesdays. Admission for tourists is 5 JD with an audio guide.


WildPlay Niagara

Have you ever been to the Chichicastenango Market? Leave us a comment below about your experience!

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The story may be myth, but many believe that the island of Ogygia is actually Gozo, and that the cave in the story is an actual cave located in Xaghra, about 2.5 miles (3.9 km) northeast of Victoria. The cave itself is not open to visitors anymore, but still draws crowds due to its association with the legend of Calypso. From the entrance of the cave, visitors get a bird’s eye view of Ramla Beach.


Where to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic

Dishes you must try in Meteora

Because of Kandy’s elevation, its rainiest months are May to July and December to January. Therefore, planning a visit anytime between January and April will be your best bet for optimal weather conditions. Additionally, Kandy experiences 70% to 80% humidity throughout the year.


The Prices are Incredibly Low

David’s Been Here is in Fez, Morocco, touring all the top sites and best accommodation in the city. Join David and crew as they display one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Morocco, the Sofitel Palais Jamai. With 142 rooms, 3 restaurants, a bar and amazing pool- you’ll have everything you need and more when you stay at this top-notch hotel. Tour through the interior and exterior of the Sofitel as David takes us through this unforgettable Moroccan stay. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse

Why Serbia and Bosnia?

I discovered a vendor making Indian vada immediately. There were lots of vendors selling greens. I could see tons and gut of different dishes like satay, banana, and smaller plates.

Paco & Lola 2010 Albariño fro Rias Baixas

China, Japan and Jordan. All for very different reasons, but all are great for photography.

Visit the New York Café

Be that as it may, travel insurance is important. So we thought we would make it easy for you and lay out everything you need to know about it, so when it comes to buying yours you can get it over as quickly as possible and move onto more exciting things.


Things to Do in Cornwall

Nowadays, the town of Plymouth mainly caters to tourists and is a great place to come with the whole family. Besides the celebrated Plymouth Rock (which is said to be the landing site of the Mayflower but that’s not set in stone… pun intended,) visitors can also visit a replica of the Mayflower at State Pier, experience Plimoth Plantation for a glimpse into the lives of the early settlers, or stop into the Mayflower Society House (across the street and around the corner from Plymouth Rock) to learn more about the descendants of the Mayflower, register yourself as a descendent, or tour the grounds of the historic 18th century mansion. If you haven’t caught on, the town of Plymouth is centered around Pilgrims and their impact on modern-day America. It is a nostalgic place that makes for a fun and educational day trip for the entire family.


Why You Should Learn the Local Language When You Travel to a New Country


Milou blogs at Explorista, where she aims to inspire female millennials to live more adventurously – wether in their careers or their travels. She juggles her busy travel schedule and her blogs with being the CEO of her own marketing agency for travel brands called Explorista Media.


Top 3 Malawi craft markets (in terms of selection and quality):

From its amazing hot pots to its own sweet soup dumplings to the noodles that are sweet, the meals in Shanghai is all about as varied as they emerge. You can discover it within this extraordinary food town. From the time that I left China, the tastes of Shanghai had blown away my taste buds several occasions. The quality of the food and the absolute number can’t be understated. Shanghai must be in your own bucket listing if you are a foodie. Reserve a visit to Shanghai now, to receive a taste of the city!



Visitors possess the opportunity to observe their behavior will learn in sector and road begging, feed them , and bathe them. All profits from admission go towards feeding the elephants (each one absorbs nearly 100 pounds of fresh produce each day!) And upkeep of the playground. This is a trip to carry with your family or a bunch of friends. After witnessing their characters and listening to their tales, people will come away with memories, and a newfound respect for those species and photographs. For details and deals about day visits to the playground, click HERE.


Top 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi

Additional Travel Information:

I had to try their pacific rock oyster which was literally as large as my hand. I topped it with a combination of mignotte sauce,cocktail sauce, and a fresh squeeze of lemon, it was like tasting the ocean. Up next I had the duck fat cornbread topped with lobster and crab. It was was an incredible fusion of savory, salty, and  fresh flavors.The Seared tuna with pickled plum was a standout and the complex flavor really redefined the way I will eat tuna in the future. I’d be be remiss to come and not try the filet mignon and king crab with bearnaise sauce. My surf and turf was served med rare and tasted incredible. Even after all that I managed to have room for dessert. I had the dessert sampler and enjoyed everything I tasted, but the chocolate donut was the standout. Cowford Chophouse provides an elevated dining experience for the most discerning foodie.


7. Don’t miss the Napali Coast.

If you go three hours north west of Guwahati, you will locate Manas National Park. This 366.8-square-mile tiger reserve, elephant reserve, along with UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated in the Himalayan foothills. It is among the best places. The park is currently home to rhinos, tigers, elephants, water buffalo, clouded leopards, deer, and more, so make sure you check it out!

What are some of your favorite destinations and why?

Afghanistan ? ? I once went to a market set up on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and talking with the locals and looking out into the stunning landscape made me so eager to explore it one day.

2. Galapagos Cruise

The strawberries grow year-round in Malaysia, and for a fee, you can pick your own strawberries at some of the farms in the region, including the Big Red Strawberry Farm. If you’re a lover of berries, this is something you cannot miss while you’re in the Cameron Highlands.

Learn Maltese Language Basics

The unparalleled views of the sprawling city of galata Tower below make it among the best things to see and do in Istanbul. From the top, you can pick out some of the town’s many famous landmarks!

Celebrate with Rabbit in Mosta

Gardens, parks and the museums make Lisbon a star that is European. It’s also the destination for the tourist seeking a vibrant nightlife scene. The weather in Lisbon makes for an ideal holiday spot with its mild winters and summers that are hot. For example, December temperatures average a low of 48 degrees F (9° C) along with a high of 58° F (15° C), together with June averaging a low of 60° F (16° C) along with a high of 76° F (25° C).


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David then makes a stop to see the remains of the ancient Serdica Amphitheatre, or Arena di Serdica. What is left has been preserved and is free for anyone to see. The Serdica Amphitheatre is situated in the basement level of the Arena di Serdica Hotel in the city center. If you pay close attention, you will see paw prints in ceramic stone made over 7 centuries years ago!


Swimming with Green Sea Turtles in Riviera Maya’s Akumal Bay

Explore the Beauty of Central Post Office

Imro bought brewed coffee, some bread, and Nutella . I recommend purchasing chocolate there! I bought a drink, which was like coconut. It had been like a mix of almond milk and coconut flesh and had been refreshing! Imro bought some pins so we could fish for piranha!



Traditionally a rabbit house, Charlie’s Inn has recently expanded its menu to include other traditional Maltese favorites and French-inspired dishes. Whether you go for the house specialty (fried rabbit), or a fresh-caught fish filet with vegetables, you can be sure you’re getting high quality ingredients prepared by a classically trained chef with years of experience and a passion for Maltese gastronomy (plus he’s the owner’s son).

Get the Three-Course Lunch in Capital M

Uluru is located within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site that is known for its desolate landscape. Perhaps the most important aspect of the area is its ancestral heritage. Although the park sits on Australian soil, it belongs to the traditional Aboriginal owners, the Anangu people. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is situated in one of the world’s hottest regions, Australia’s Red Centre. Known for its harsh climate, most visitors would be surprised to know that when the sun dips down there are a multitude of desert creatures, many of which are marsupials, that have adapted perfectly to the Red Centre’s environment.


7) The Svalbard Islands

Welcome to Sukhothai, the first Kingdom of Siam! Sukhothai Historical Park is located in northern Thailand about a 4 – 5 hour drive from Bangkok. There are over 193 ruins, a palace, many temples and the largest one being Wat Mahatat.

Best Places to Try Pupusas

However, with vaporizers, which are the instruments used in vaping, there are no flames, so the combustion process never happens. Instead, loose leaf plant material is places in the vaporizer, which then gently heats the material just enough so that the valuable compounds aren’t lost, and are released in the form of vapor, which is then inhaled without the risk of harmful byproducts. Not only does this benefit your health, it also benefits your wallet, as you’re not wasting nearly half of your botanical product by lighting it on fire. While the combustion process in smoking leaves a burnt, acrid odor and an unpleasant taste that can be off-putting to smokers and non-smokers alike, the flavor that is detected while inhaling vapors is much more pure. Vaporization also creates a lot less odor than smoking. That means that the next time you vape some dried basil for a gassy stomach, some dried chamomile for its calming and gastrointestinal benefits, or some dried eucalyptus to help clear the congestion out of your chest, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the smell of burnt herbs or foul-smelling smoke!

Enjoy Kauai

One of the most kid-friendly activities that can be enjoyed in the Mont Blanc region is sledding, also known as sledging. Even adults looking to recapture memories of zipping down hills of snow will have a blast spending time at one of the region’s several sledging areas.


See the sights from a CocoTax

Following Toners, I went to Get a Fast walk through St. Stephen’s Green for into the Rustic Stone.This is considered to be one of the greatest restaurants in Dublinfamous for its own seasonal ingredients, dishes that were raw, and also for providing guests the opportunity to cook their foods to perfection on stone. I had sesame seeds that are smashed and the tacky soya chicken wings accompanied with a cold pint of Guinness Draught. And because I couldn’t resist, I had ice cream and chocolate into top it all off.


Introduction to the Kinyarwanda Language

Reims and the Champagne Cellars

My dream destination would be to travel to travel more places in West China in the areas of Xinjiang and Tibet. In these autonomous regions is a great mix of cultures and diversity. There are some zones foreigners can’t go currently. This summer I will go to a place close to Xinjiang called Ningxia.


Somewhere around 70-ish!We’re state repeaters; therefore our country count is extremely slow-growing if a location is loved by us, we will go back again and again again and again.


Favorite way to kill time while flying?

It also doesn’t hurt to mention that if you’re planning to stay in a hotel, keep in mind that if you go for a room that is located in the corner, you’re likely to get them for a cheaper price than the other rooms.

Eat Lamb Hot Pot at the Beijing Lamp Restaurant

Beyond the protective walls of Rhodes Old Town, the New Town spans out in every direction. Modern condominiums and concrete buildings provide a stark contrast to the ancient history that still resonates within the historical barrier of the original city. It is here that you will find an excessive wealth of accommodations and tour agencies. Those traveling with kids should not miss out on the Rhodes Aquarium-Museum (Summers: 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. / Winters: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. / Price €5.50 adults, Reduced €2.50). Nautical residents include mollusks, crabs, and sea turtles. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with Rhodes’ deep-seeded ties to the sea.



Whoever owns this restaurant was extremely kind and kept sending me more dishes to try. He sent out more shrimp a tender steak, and a fried rice known as picante with a glaze-like and spicy hot sauce. They were all cooked to perfection and incredibly tasty.


Take a Beer Tour in Prague

Another of the top things to see and do in Brownsweg would be to visit with Howler Monkey Island. The island got its title in howler monkeys’ colony who call the island home. Should you see these as is the case with all wildlife in natural settings, sightings of these primates could be momentary. I had very little chance seeing them but they’re there. I hope you have better luck than I did!