Visit the Ancient Castles

#1 – Prep Your Own Meals

I was lucky to run into a local who helped me locate the ticket counter within Hongqiao Station. Be aware that the station doesn’t accept charge cards that are non-Chinese, which means you’ll likely wind up paying off.

#1 – Prep Your Own Meals

A visit to the Balchik Palace is a great day trip option from Varna, and if you make it out there, don’t skip out on an amazing lunch at Korona Restaurant. Located within the palace complex, next to the Bridge of Sighs, Korona boasts Black Sea views and a delicious seafood menu. Without a prior reservation, you may have to wait for a table if the palace is full of tourists that day, but your time spent will be rewarded when the food arrives. Grilled fish, roasted lamb, juicy pork loin, and tasty seafood rices are just some of Korona’s specialties.

#1 – Prep Your Own Meals

6. Pulpo (Octopus)

After you have eaten the majority of the bulgogi, your cook can probably return to blend a generous helping of poultry, rice, and cheese into the remaining bulgogi. The cheese melts throughout and the rice on the bottom of the pan becomes crispy. Insert the seaweed’s flavor and you’ve got one of most succulent grilled rice dishes and the tastiest I have ever had! Having it is easily one of the best things to see and do in Seoul!

The Best and Latest Spa Treatments

The road was super cluttered and filled with potholes with dirty water inside them. I needed to be cautious in my sneakers! We left the road and followed a road. The road wasn’t bad. It was way better than walking through the subway and went. I could hear the animals in the trees around us!

Why go with a campervan?

During my third day in Jackson, Mississippi the City with Soul I experienced some amazing soul food and I went museum hopping. We started the day eating breakfast at Estelle Wine Bar & Bistro in the Westin Jackson.