You are a former sportscaster. What was the transition from that to travel vlogger like, and how has being a journalist impacted your travels?

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Head until the station floor and do not lose out to the display that plays on the staircases of the station! There is no greater place than Kyoto Station if you wish to have a look at a marvel in the midst of thousands of years old and cultural heritage!

8) The Sognefjord Area

Climate: Rwanda experiences two rainy seasons and two dry seasons throughout the year. The longer rainy season lasts from March to May and usually brings persistent rains. The second, shorter rainy season lasts from October to November. The best time to visit Rwanda is right after the longer rainy season, from June to Mid-September. During this time the roads are considerably safer and you won’t get bogged down with heavy downpours.

8) The Sognefjord Area

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Highlights of the festival include tasting the nearly odor-free durians and attending a rowdy a contest in which contestants prepare a durian version of a Thai pounded salad – som tam – while dancing to a lively traditional band.  The cacophony and flying stone pestles feels dangerous enough without watching out for the wickedly thorny 10 lb fruits piled around.

Akagera National Park

David’s Been Here is in Pamplona for one of the most exciting and world famous activities in Spain: The Running of the Bulls. An annual event between July 7-14, this hectic, entertaining and dangerous tradition is one of those life experiences that you will never forget. Made even more popular in the writings of Ernest Hemingway, join David as he takes part in the Bull Running, just barely getting out unscathed. Enjoyed by both young and old, head to the entrance before 8 am any day during la Fiesta de San Fermin, and take part in this annual, historic event. Find out everything there is to know about Running with the Bulls in the David’s Been Here Guide to Pamplona, now available for your Kindle as well.