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Why Visit East Serbia?

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Stay at the EAST Beijing

This underground tube was built to be utilized to flee the family in the palace during wartimes into the protection of Jiagarh Fort.

Stay at the EAST Beijing

Your top three favorite dishes?

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Your top three favorite dishes?

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Today, you can admire the 14th century walls, wonderfully preserved and still functional. There are some places where the city walls reach the height of 25 meters, so you can only imagine the spectacular views that will unfold in front of your eyes. You can access the walls by the Pile Gate, St. John Fortress or Customs Gate. St. John Fortress houses the Aquarium and Maritime Museum.

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Other notable buildings include the Castellan’s House, the Secretarial Construction and Also the Finance Building.The castle grounds take 30-60 minutes approximately to view. Of all of the things that really is an absolute must!

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The Rocca Paolina fortress is also worth a trip, because it has stood for five decades and provides a glimpse back into the times when the papacy dominated that city. You can’t overlook the Baci Perugina Factory, which enable you to see just the way that it makes a number of its amazing chocolates and flavor them, if you are a chocolate lover!