4. Research Your Destination Thoroughly

What are some of your favorite destinations and why?

Top 5 things that you Must do in Yangon/Bagan Myanmar.

Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

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Mongolian-Influenced Yurt Camping in Utah

Where to Stay

What started off as a small recording studio in 1967, became the dominant Southern R&B label in the country, eventually becoming a leader in recording, marketing and distribution of blues, gospel, jazz, Christian, urban and soul music. It received the honor of being a marker on the Mississippi Blues Trail.


The people of Kos are tremendously proud of their winemaking heritage, and with good cause! Kos has been producing wine since well before 500 B.C. In fact, Hippocrates himself advised of the health benefits of the responsible consumption of wine. The island’s rich volcanic soil is perfect for growing grapes. Many of local wines are sought out by wine connoisseurs, and some have even won international awards.

Favorite International Airport?

From penguins to natural wildlife and thriving city life, South Africa is truly the jewel of the African continent. Tourists can enjoy the true beauty of the land with safaris, beach days, relaxing in nature and create extraordinary memories that will surely make it a life-changing experience.

Favorite International Airport?

Casa Betanzia (Betanzos)

Perhaps the most obvious place to sail to from Athens is Methana, which is located on a dramatic peninsula filled with volcanoes. The mountainous backdrop and the deep blue waters make this a stunning setting for the first few days of your sailing adventure. As with most of this part of the world, Methana is also filled with lots of history and archaeological wonders. If you are interested in finding traces of ancient civilisations then this is a perfect place to get started.

2. A Guarda

A molten blob eventually emerges and is affixed to the end of a long, hollow rod. Continuous turning and swaying begins to give the blob its shape. A few blows into the end of the pole create an air pocket inside the figurine. At that point it is up to the artisan to give shape and purpose to the figure. Soggy newspaper bundles are used to smooth out any uneven surfaces and iron molds are used for a more uniform contour. The vase (or other decorative item) is then left to cool down.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

While exploring Macedonia, David makes a stop at the ancient city of Stobi to check out the ruins, mosaics, and history behind this fascinating archaeological site. Ancient Stobi is one of the most significant historical finds in Macedonia because of how many eras are represented hereā€¦ Stobi was first founded by the Kingdom of Paeonia in the 7th century, then eventually overtaken by the Kingdom of Macedon, and later on by the Romans and Byzantines.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek