Where to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic

Dishes you must try in Meteora

Because of Kandy’s elevation, its rainiest months are May to July and December to January. Therefore, planning a visit anytime between January and April will be your best bet for optimal weather conditions. Additionally, Kandy experiences 70% to 80% humidity throughout the year.


The Prices are Incredibly Low

David’s Been Here is in Fez, Morocco, touring all the top sites and best accommodation in the city. Join David and crew as they display one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Morocco, the Sofitel Palais Jamai. With 142 rooms, 3 restaurants, a bar and amazing pool- you’ll have everything you need and more when you stay at this top-notch hotel. Tour through the interior and exterior of the Sofitel as David takes us through this unforgettable Moroccan stay. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse

Why Serbia and Bosnia?

I discovered a vendor making Indian vada immediately. There were lots of vendors selling greens. I could see tons and gut of different dishes like satay, banana, and smaller plates.

Paco & Lola 2010 Albariño fro Rias Baixas

China, Japan and Jordan. All for very different reasons, but all are great for photography.

Visit the New York Café

Be that as it may, travel insurance is important. So we thought we would make it easy for you and lay out everything you need to know about it, so when it comes to buying yours you can get it over as quickly as possible and move onto more exciting things.


Things to Do in Cornwall

Nowadays, the town of Plymouth mainly caters to tourists and is a great place to come with the whole family. Besides the celebrated Plymouth Rock (which is said to be the landing site of the Mayflower but that’s not set in stone… pun intended,) visitors can also visit a replica of the Mayflower at State Pier, experience Plimoth Plantation for a glimpse into the lives of the early settlers, or stop into the Mayflower Society House (across the street and around the corner from Plymouth Rock) to learn more about the descendants of the Mayflower, register yourself as a descendent, or tour the grounds of the historic 18th century mansion. If you haven’t caught on, the town of Plymouth is centered around Pilgrims and their impact on modern-day America. It is a nostalgic place that makes for a fun and educational day trip for the entire family.