Top 10 Things to Do in Mumbai, India

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Many of these sites have websites offering reduced pricing for students and tickets purchased online in advance. As of October 2013, Park Güell will begin charging admission for the first time.


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A Guarda is a coastal town 42 miles (68 km) southwest of Vigo. Historically a fishing community, A Guarda is often referred to as the “lobster capital” of Galicia.” Its natural beauty more than makes up for its small size because its proximity to the estuary, where the Miño River flows into the Atlantic, makes it a must-see in the region. The town also features coastal beaches, a charming seaside promenade and the fascinating Celtic settlement, Castro de Santa Tecla.

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The largest (and scariest) highlight is the glass-bottomed section of flooring, which you are able to lie down on for a thrilling rush! There is also an outdoor area. The view there is not far different from the one indoors, but was chilly out there even though it was June!


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Wander outside to taste of Florence’s gelato treats when you’re weary of browsing the museums. The Florence nightlife is grand though expensive, with wineries on every block and delicious food you won’t likely find in the States.

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Suchitoto is one of the few towns in El Salvador that still retain its architecture. Offering beautiful views a laid back ambience, and cobblestoned roads, this town is just one of the most enchanting of the country. One of Suchitoto’s most well-known websites is the Museo de los Recuerdos Alejandro Cotto (entrance 4$). Here people can explore colonial design grounds views, and timeless fountains. Also boasting among the country’s most impressive art collections, this tradition (open everyday ) is like a town in and of itself!


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Arslanagi?bridge — Trebinje

Getting around Barcelona is uncomplicated and straightforward, with reliable subway, street tram, and bus systems in addition to plentiful taxis, you can get everywhere effortlessly. Barcelona is the ideal walking city, and with plenty of charming streets, esplanades, and historical sights you will want to put on those walking shoes and begin to discover all the city’s charms. The Gothic Quarters, in particular, are a great place to roam on foot and for photographers alike.

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Sea-diving is a risky affair but when it comes to doing so with sharks in South Africa’s treacherous waters, if has been dubbed as Cage Diving since 1995, a trip to Gansbaai will take away your breath. You’ve got to play safe all the time, or better still, opt to watch whales in the waters below instead of a gamble with the great white sharks.

Snowshoeing at the Oulanka National Park

The market sells products that are Hungarian. The first floor is that the food hall and contains a number of food stalls. You’ll find a large selection of meats, sausages, cheeses, veggies, fruits and typical Cuisine in general. 1 thing you have to do is consume Langos, which can be a deep fried flatbread, while here.