Land and Water Safaris through Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve

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Greenland, Afghanistan, and Iceland are my most memorable destinations at the moment.

6. You might not be able to swim.

In this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet travel blogger Esmeralda Rodriguez from Tequila Kiss, a travel and lifestyle blog about Esmeralda’s wanderings throughout 50+ countries across the globe. Her goal is to show others that traveling on a conservative budget is possible, especially if you plan ahead. Meet Esmeralda and check out her Top 5 List for Hawaii and where she’s jet setting to next.


Mehmed Paša Sokolovi?Bridge — Visegrad

You’ll find? Evap?i?i, which can be a Bosnian meatball made from mincemeat that is traditionally shaped to an oblong shaped, sausage-like shape. But the? Evap?i?i at Kod Muje and at restaurants in Banja Luka is somewhat different; it’s shaped into a patty instead. It’s still delicious either way and makes for a more satisfying and inexpensive lunch. Enjoy your meal outside In case the weather is nice.


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At 179 Marcus Aurelius assembled Castra Regina for the Legio III Italica’s Roman rectangular town and the city quickly became an increasingly important location at the Danube’s part.  This city is referred to as Altstadt or the Old City.

7) The Svalbard Islands

The time of year to see with Kaziranga National Park is November to April, when the days do become sweltering. The nighttime during these months may get a little cool. The park may also be seen in April to June, but keep in mind those months are lots warmer and may create exploring the park of a job.

Here are ten reasons to visit Hoi An, Vietnam

Besides flatbreads and curries, India is famous for its candy, which include Coconut Burfi, also a treat that is usually made throughout Navrati festivals, also the Holi, Diwali. This burfi contains freshly grated coconut and is traditionally made with sugar and milk, although there are dairy-free forms available.