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How can I see Uluru?

Lady Liberty has become an iconic figure of the United States of America. The Statue of Liberty was given as a gift from France as a symbol of friendship in the late 1800s, and today visitors from all over the world flock to Liberty Island where it rests. While many choose to take a boat tour to see Lady Liberty up close, the Staten Island Ferry is a free way to see the statue without any cost.


3. It’s Convenient

They say that your attitude determines your altitude – how high you can go in life. If you are always negative, it is hard to see any positivity around you. Take deliberate steps to start thinking positively, to tell yourself how great you are, and how much you can achieve. Change starts in the mind, so engage your mind to think positively. You will realize how much you have lost due to your attitude. Maybe having a life coach can do the trick for you as a professional life coach can help you understand what is right and what is not. In addition to that, your life coach can give you the motivation that you need the most.

Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of the above destinations, like a mini-guide or to-do list of sorts.

Because it is an island located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and a destination I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with. There so many things to visit there like Nicosia – with fortified stone walls dating back to the 1500 Venetian expansion and Green Line, a reminder of a devastating conflict in 1970s dividing Turkish in the north from Greeks in the south. There is also Blue Lagoon – where you will enjoy swimming, Mosaics of the Houses of Avion and Dionysus, Kurion and many other things!

Theopetra Prehistoric Cave

 Interior of the Ivanovo Church – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rozhen National Folklore Festival

The residency itself is located in ruin also is a favorite tourist attraction and monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. On the grounds, you’ll also discover museum; authorities offices; buildings ravaged by cannon fire; the tomb of Sadat Ali Khan, the initial Nawab of Awadh; a feast hall; the destroyed St. Mary’s Church and Cemetery; and much more.

International Folklore Festival Burgas

David’s Been Here is in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain, touring the beautiful city of Leon. Join David as he tours one of the city’s main sites, the Plaza Mayor. Built in 1665, this main square is loaded with history and beautiful architecture, and is only 2 blocks away from the Cathedral. With a fruit and vegetable market every Wednesday and Saturday and great lodging within the square itself (NH Plaza Mayor), a visit to this central Leon destination is simply a must. For more information on visiting or staying inside Leon’s Plaza Mayor, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Leon, now available for your Kindle as well.


Top 3 favorite cuisines are French, Spanish, and Bulgarian. The Bulgarian cuisine shares characteristics with other Balkan, Persian, Turkish, and Greek cuisines. If you ever visit a Bulgarian restaurant make sure you try the cold soup tarator, the filo dough based banitsa, meshana skara (a mix of grilled lamb, veal, chicken and pork), or the alcoholic drink rakia. Other popular dishes are the vegetarian stuffed peppers, cabbage leaf sarmi, moussaka, gyuvetch, kyufte, feta cheese, and baklava.


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